Goddess Portraits


In this series I explore the idea of divine embodiment. After I started practicing yoga and meditation in 2004, I came to the realisation that we are the vessels for divinity to express itself in the world and that we have the power to transform ourselves into the highest vibration of divine spark that our physical vehicle can hold. Which also means, that given our individual soul’s path we tend to align with a certain myth or narrative. What Joseph Campbell would call the monomyth or as many new-age spiritual gurus are calling «the hero’s journey».

This series hopes to document the individual expression of the many myths-come-to-life I have come across and my humble attempts to capture the essence of these very real women through the divine mythos they each embodied in that particular moment. I consider this an ongoing series (currently there are 24 completed works) that is constantly growing as I meet the people who inspire each divine image. If you are asking yourself where the God Portraits are, I am still waiting to meet men that can embody their divinity as profoundly as the women of today do. If you know any, send them my way. 😉